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University Counseling

Preparing for the Future

GWA is committed to preparing students for college life and a bright future by enabling all students to become successful lifelong learners in a diverse and changing world. We accomplish this through an emphasis on sustainability and personalizing education to empower each student to meet their own potential.

Dana Al-Halawani

"GWA not only pushed me to challenge myself academically, but also pushed me to be involved in everything school related. I was a part of the play, athletic teams, National Honor Society, MUN, and Speech and Debate. I will miss GWA's open environment and atmosphere that promotes us to become global citizens and be well-rounded in our skills." Dana will be studying mathematics at University of Pennsylvania.

Neil Courson

"GWA has definitely helped me to acquire skills for the future, including management and organizational skills which are going to allow me to persevere in future studies.  I've also become a global citizen through programs such as IELC and MUN.  I've become a lifelong learner which is one of the traits that we learn here at school."  Neil will be at Georgia Tech, in one of the top aerospace engineering programs in the world. 

Virginia MacArthur

"The biggest thing I am going to miss from GWA is the community. The teachers, staff, everyone at GWA plays a huge part into how great GWA is. GWA prepared me for my next step by teaching me abilities, such as critical thinking, time-management, etc that I will be able to use for the rest of my life."  Virginia will be attending The American University of Paris after graduating.

Ji Hwan Kim

"GWA facilitated my growth as a global citizen as it gave me a chance to meet and learn with people from different backgrounds."

Sara Tagnaouti-Moumnani

"GWA has helped me gain the necessary knowledge to perform well in the outside and adult world. Throughout my years in GWA, public speaking is an activity I have always tried to avoid, but the Capstone Project has helped me eradict part of this fear and helped me become a better communicator than I was yesterday." Sara plants to attend Concordia University to study administration.

Yahia Elazhar

"GWA prepared me for the future by teaching us how college works and what we will have to look for to succeed in college.  I've learned to adapt in many ways that would help me thrive and succeed in the future."

Find Your Best Fit

GWA’s university counseling department is integral in providing a comprehensive guidance program that will assist all students in acquiring the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to become effective students, responsible citizens, productive workers, and lifelong learners.

Omar Alturki

"GWA has helped to prepare me for college by always showing me what behavior would or wouldn't be accepted there. It has trained me on what to do when I get to college and prepared me to succeed there." Omar will be studying business at the University of Westminster.

Yasmine Rebbane

Yasmine will be a pre-med psychology student at University of California, Berkeley.  

Niamat-Allah Fellah-Ghnimi

"GWA prepared me by giving me the freedom of choosing my classes as long as I filled my credit requirement, which is similar to college. GWA also offered rigorous courses in which I learned independence and grit."  Niamat will attend McGill University to study psychology.

Gaurav Kirpalani

"I have become an effective communicator and a lifelong learner because being at GWA has taught me to ignore the naysayers, the negative speech peddlers, and focus on myself."  Gaurav will be attending University Minnesota Crookston to study business management.

Evan David

Evan David received a scholarship to run cross country at Viterbo University where he will be studying business administration.  

Nourhane Sekkat

"GWA had a major role in my transformation of becoming the communicator I am today.  I was a very timid child that kept to herself and preferred reading over socializing. However, this all changed thanks to GWA's belief that we should talk among ourselves and be more open as well as the yearly musicals that I joined after building enough courage to do so."  Nourhane accepted a full ride scholarship to study computer engineering at New York University.

prepared for global pursuits

The vast majority of GWA graduates will go on to study in the USA, Canada, UK, and Europe. All GWA graduates will receive our American diploma to which the Moroccan government offers reciprocity.  GWA offers the additional opportunity of graduating from the IB Diploma Programme, highly regarded world-wide as the most prestigious diploma available.

Noha Ching

"GWA prepared me for my next step in life by provided the skills and knowledge needed for me to be successful in the future.  GWA facilitates my growth in becoming a creative innovator by including a variety of creative projects and tasks within each class that helped to broaden my creative thinking and make me a better innovator."  Noha will be studying psychology at the University of Virginia.

Amine Saoudi

"At GWA, I was able to become a global citizen. I've had classmates from all nationalities and this has helped me to build my own understanding of world events. I have started to think about my values and what's important to me. I learned to take learning into the real world."  Amine will be studying computer engineering at McGill University in Canada.

Omar Chakib

Omar will be studying computer science at Ontario Tech in Canada.

Hamza Ziani

"GWA helped me get ready for my next step in life by giving the same type of work as what my university is going to give me. There were also some college courses such as AP to help me have a glimpse of what to expect in college."  Hamza will be studying business management at Kaplan University in the UK.

Salaheddine Bensalah

"GWA gave us the right tools to prepare us for university.  They gave us good materials to understand our different pathways and to be prepared for the future."  Salaheddine will study business administration and management in Spain at  EAE Business School.

Fahda Faiz

Fahda will be studying global politics & social sciences as a pathway to Law LLB at King's College.  

By the Numbers


Graduates in the Class of 2021



To date, over 4 Million USD in grants and scholarships has been awarded to the Class of 2021.


of GWA graduates attend university in the USA, Canada, UK, or other European countries. 


nationalities represented within the student community of nearly 900 students.  


of GWA teachers are certified in their subject area.  We hire US and Canadian educators who are expert in best-practice, 21st-Century teaching.


GWA boasts the largest community of US and Canadian teachers in Morocco.


GWA is a multilingual school providing an English-immersion education along side French and Arabic instruction.  Long-term GWA students graduate with competency in 3 languages.  Our university matriculations prove that GWA students are ready to study in some of the top universities in the world.