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Newsweek letter

January 24 - 28


“ The Key to success is the ability to adapt”

A student’s success in his online classes is a team effort. Parents need to prepare and plan their own strategy too. Here are some tips for parents to support their child during online distance learning.

LS - Lower School

Our LS department prepared supplies students would need for the week. We had 117 packets picked up by LS parents Sunday afternoon.


GWA library is getting ready for a new month filled with learning, reading, exploring, and creating. With many things happening next month, Our February Choice Board is filled with lots of places to connect our learners to events and information.  

ASA - After School Activities



  • Semester 1 Afterschool Activities will resume on Monday, January 31st, and continue until the start of
  • Semester 2 Sessions. Semester 2 ASA Registration will open on Monday, February 7th.
  • Semester 2 ASA Sessions will start on Monday, February 21st.


We are so excited to have the students back on campus.

All Covid protocols from the GWA regular school day are enforced in ASA.

  • *Everyone entering and remaining on campus must wear a mask. We encourage N95s, KN95s, FFP2s.
  • *Every day, students should arrive with a mask on, and extra masks to replace soiled or wet masks during the day.

ASA is looking forward to having your children back in activities.

Please feel free to reach out to Salwa Jidane ( ) or Mrs. Emerilda Rachad ( ) if you have any questions.

US - Upper School

This week our 8th & 9th graders passed the PSAT (preliminary Scholastic aptitude test) which measures their critical reading skills, math problem-solving, and writing skills. By achieving a high score on the PSAT, students can take a great deal of stress out of the college admissions and financial aid process. Getting a good score means staying at the top of colleges’ lists. That score, together with the SAT scores, will be a very important step in any student’s acceptance process.

Health Department

Important aspects of safety amongst schools:

  • If you have a positive case at home, your child will need to be isolated for at least 7 days: A doctor clearance / negative test to attend school is required.

  • If your child tests positive, school attendance will be suspended for 7 days at least and a doctor clearance/ test is required to resume school attendance;

  • If your child tests positive and extends his quarantine for more than 10 days, no clearance is required to resume attendance;

  • When more than 3 cases are detected in a class, the class will need to go online for a period of 7 days;

  • When 10 cases are detected school-wide, regardless of what classes they are identified, the school will be held online for a period of 7 days.

GWA will continue to show full awareness toward COVID-related matters, notifying you in a timely manner of cases and liaising with you for clearances, processes.


A big shout out to our Community Health Manager, FZ. Mounfaloti and our school nurse Sara Aoune for their diligence and hard work to keep our students & staff safe and healthy.

Newsweek Letter Nov 29 - Dec 03


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