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Athletic Fees



Badminton** 2,000
Basketball - Varsity** 3,100
Basketball - Junior Varsity 1,100
Basketball - Middle School 1,000
Soccer - Varsity** 2,400
Soccer - Junior Varsity 1,100
Soccer - Middle School** 1,000
Soccer - Developmental 1,000
Swim - Spring 3,000
Track 800
Volleyball - Varsity** 2,700
Volleyball - Junior Varsity 1,100
Volleyball - Middle School** 1,600

* Athletic Participation Fees are charged to all students that participate on an Upper School sports team

* If a student is picked to the final roster, after try-outs, they will be responsible for paying the fee for the entire season

* Fees cover the many costs associated with sports such as: referees, coaches, supplies, facility maintenance, tournament entry fees, uniforms, first aid, trophies

** Rates vary based on the number games played, travel and hotel stays

*** Teams selected to participated in non-MASAC tournaments, especially those in other countries, will receive separate fee information