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Dining Services

The importance of food cannot be underestimated in terms of supporting student growth, both physically and academically.  GWA supports students and families in by providing freshly-prepared breakfast, lunch, and snack options from the Mustang's Table cafeteria.  Included in the fees for student lunches are a salad or soup, a main dish with bread, fruit, dessert, and a beverage.  GWA’s lunch program is provided in-house by professional and competent staff.  All relevant health and sanitary laws are followed. 

"I would like to express my gratitude to the teachers for pushing our limits, the counsellors for always being their for us, the kitchen staff for their delicious, mood-changing food . . ."

Hamza Abu Ziad, Class of 2020

Our dining services are open for breakfast, lunch, and after-school snacks.  All prepared in-house and from fresh ingredients.

M'hamed Rachad has been the Dining Services Manager at GWA for over a decade.  "Our mission is to teach our students what a healthy, balanced diet is and to appreciate fresh produce."

Moroccan hospitality spills over, but the mint tea should never spill over the brim. GWA dining services are always at the ready for special events and ceremonies.

The air at GWA is scented with sea salt, spices, and the smell of croissants rising in the oven. Our dining services prepares freshly-made baked goods for breakfast and snacks daily.  

"GWA did not only equip my mind and build my character, but also developed my capabilities and taught me to take ownership of my actions both outside and inside campus."

Ahmet Amine Mohemmane, Class of 2020

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Prospective families are now welcome to visit our five-hectar campus with Atlantic views.  We are offering socially-distanced school tours.