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School Bus

george washington academy school buses

Transportation to and from school is an optional service available on a first come, first serve basis to much of the Casablanca area.

Parents should speak with Mrs Naima Nail at the Cashiers Office to arrange for this service. Students should be waiting for pick up at their bus stops at the designated time. Bus drivers cannot wait for children who are late. Students will be dropped off at the same bus stop after school.

In the event that a regular bus-rider will not be taking the bus home from school as normal, written parental permission is required. If a student who is normally bused will be going home with another student, permission is required from both parents: the visiting student’s parents and the host student’s parents. All notices must be submitted to the office before the end of the school day. Students will not be allowed to use the phone to call parents after school except as deemed necessary by teaching staff.

If your child is sick and will not be riding the GWA bus to school, please call the child’s bus driver directly, to inform him of this change in his route.

Any change of address for busing purposes requires one-week (five school days) prior notice. When there is a change of address, there must also be a change in the bus route. If proper prior notice is not received, the student will not be picked up at the new address until the route has been changed. The school is not obligated to continue transportation if the student moves to an inconvenient address.

Students who ride on the school bus should follow the normal school rules. In addition; the following rules apply:

  • Remain seated except when getting on or off the bus
  • No gum, food or drinks
  • Don’t distract the driver
  • Respect the bus monitor
  • Keep your head, hands, arms and legs inside the bus
  • No music
  • Don’t yell
  • Don’t talk to strangers outside of the bus
  • Don’t throw things out of the bus

Students who do not follow these rules may have the bus privilege temporarily or permanently revoked.