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Weekly Wellness Micro-Challenges

Working towards a healthier 2019, Health Services is here to support you and your family in developing healthy habits for lifelong success!

Introducing change in lifestyle choices can be tough. Small adjustments with consistency are key to success when trying to make positive changes. Our introduction of “micro-challenges” involves introducing small, manageable changes to your routines in order to build a healthier lifestyle over time—slowly and successfully!

Follow along with our Weekly Wellness Micro-Challenges to get ideas and support to be successful in making healthy choices for your family. 

Congratulations to Tara Chadli Gr 3 for completing last week’s challenge - swapping screen time for 30 minutes of physical activity.

  • Q: Tara, what type of activities did you do?
  • A: I played on my scooter and in the courtyard with a ball.
  • Q: How are you going to keep being active?
  • A: I don’t want to watch my iPad everyday, I like to play on the scooter.


This week’s challenge is to get to bed earlier! During sleep, your body repackages all of the pieces it needs to ensure it is functioning at its best. Adequate sleep helps prevent illness and obesity while improving mood, performance and learning capability. Help your child to make the best of their days by getting enough sleep. We challenge you to go to bed earlier by 30 minutes this week! 

How to follow through with this?

  • Try setting a reminder alarm on your phone to start winding down earlier in the evening.
  • Put all screens away at least an hour before bedtime.
  • Try some relaxing activities like reading a story together or some breathing exercises to promote a calming environment before bed.

Read through The Importance of Sleep for Children to better understand the importance of a healthy sleep routine for your child. Make sleep fun! Visit Sleep for Kids for activities and ideas.

How do you participate?

  • Participate during the school week for the days Monday-Thursday. Try to meet the challenge all four days!
  • Print off and follow along our Weekly Wellness Micro-Challenge Calendar for tracking and ideas!
  • We want to recognize your efforts by sharing your successes. Take a picture of your child and submit it by email to pr@gwa.ac.ma. Feel free to include a backstory about how your family met the challenge. Please include your child’s name in your submission. 
  • Submit your photos by next Wednesday (February 13th) at noon. We may choose your child to be featured in the GWA Weekly or on the GWA website for their healthy choices! 

Look back on all our Weekly Wellness Micro-Challenges to stay healthy in 2019!