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The Multiple Dimensions of AIDA

The Multiple Dimensions of AIDA

The GWA community salutes the massive effort of all the cast and crew as well as the core team of directors. 

Friday, March 13 marks the last performance of GWA’s spring musical, AIDA.  AIDA was written and composed by Elton John and Tim Rice. One of lead actor and senior, Ahmed El Harouchi’s favorite aspects of participating in this year’s musical was his love of “the musical genius created by Elton John”.  Ahmed played the lead character, Radames and fellow senior, Adam Motaouakkil played the antagonist, Chief Minister Zoser. 10th-grader, Rita Hajboui plays Aida, the Nubian Princess now enslaved by the Egyptians. Amneris, the Pharaoh’s daughter is played by 11th-grader, Imane Bekhiche.  

The cast and crew were composed of 29 middle and high school students of varying levels of background and experience in theatre who all seem to agree that this was a great experience to be a part of.  8th-grade, Veteran stage manager, Pierre Bizien explains that “The best part of participating in Aida is the same as for any other plays we had here at GWA:  the group cohesion and feeling of having a second family.” He goes on to encourage other students to participate in the musical because “it is a great opportunity to gain experience in that domain and also because theatre is a good way to express your feelings/emotions and to be part of something.  Being a part of drama or the musical can help you build up your confidence and create new friends.”

Indeed, all of the cast and crew interviewed emphasized the same points.  Alejandra Sanches, who played the roles of Palace Woman and Featured Dancer agrees that being in the musical “has definitely helped me be a better version of myself, and it has helped me in being more confident in myself!”  Telmo Sanchez, 7th-grader enjoys his increased notoriety in that “more people know me.” Rayan Oktan liked “Honestly, everything!” about his experience in the musical; “It's a great experience, it's funny (bloopers), and you make new friends and inside jokes.”

The musical cast and crew also expressed deep appreciation for their core team of Musical Directors.  Devan Hibbard directed the musical and Summer Alcauter was Assitant Director. Lower School Music Teacher, Stephanie Huss, and Band Teacher, Zackary Nenaber directed the music.  “The teachers were also very funny with us! I would highly encourage other students to participate even if they feel like they don’t have anything to do with drama because I was like that last year until I got myself into the play.  It was a very good change for me. I would totally encourage people! Oh, and the teachers are very supportive in you’re life problems!”, says actress, Alejandra Sanchez.

The GWA community salutes the massive effort of all the cast and crew as well as the core team of directors.  Thank you for your commitment to this production and for the courage to share your talents on stage.