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10th-Graders Prepare Their IB Application Portfolios

10th-Graders Prepare Their IB Application Portfolios
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As the IB Application Portfolio deadline approaches, 10th-graders showcase their portfolio work through presentations, essays, videos, websites, and artistic creations that showcase their ability to exemplify IB character traits. 


The 10th-grade students have been working hard the past 4 months putting together their IB Application Portfolios. Since September, they have been compiling their applications, composed of work they have done in their classes this year.  The final due date for the IB Application Portfolio of December 20th is approaching! 

The IB Application Portfolio consists of 5 work samples with reflections: "The student must pick five pieces of GWA school work from their 9th and 10th-grade years that demonstrate progress towards meeting each of the IB learner profile characteristics. At least five disciplines should be represented in the five work samples. The student must write a 5-8 sentence paragraph with each work sample that reflects upon how the sample contributed to her/his learning, and how she/he exemplifies the character trait." -cited from the IB Policies at GWA.

For example, one student gave a great Google Slides presentation in Arabic class. She submitted the Google Slides presentation along with a 5-8 sentence paragraph that reflected upon how the sample contributed to her learning, and how she exemplified the IB character trait of Communicators. She explained how she expressed herself confidently and creatively in the Arabic presentation.

There will be 15-20 successful applicants to the IB Diploma Program at GWA per year. Since there are more than 20 applications meeting our criteria, the IB Admissions Committee will assess at all of the application portfolios and will rank the applications based upon rubric scoring and teacher recommendations.

The IB Admissions Committee is composed of the IB DP Coordinator, CAS Coordinator, Language Acquisition and Instructional Specialist, Learning Support Teacher, HS Vice Principal, Upper School Principal, Extended Essay Coordinator, Theory of Knowledge Teacher, and Upper School Counselors. Students will be informed of the committee’s choice in February/March of 2020.

For more information, please see our IB Diploma page on the GWA website.

Thank you!
Mason Grine