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Planting 25 Trees for GWA 25th Anniversary

As part of the ongoing celebrations for George Washington Academy's 25th anniversary, the Green Council Club organized a special tree planting initiative to contribute to the school's sustainability efforts and leave a lasting impact on the campus environment.

ASA Excelling in Robotics: GWA Hosting this Year's First Tech Challenge Event

After School Activities at GWA provides not only robotics activities but also the opportunity for teams to participate in regional, national and international competitions. On Saturday, April 8th, GWA hosted and participated in the First Tech Challenge, where 11 teams coming from different cities around Morocco joined the competition with a great deal of enthusiasm, motivation, and most essentially with the passion for coding. 


Model United Nations is an international organization for high school students in which they can attend conferences all around the world to debate social issues such as war, gender equality, human rights, energy transitions, and access to clean water. GWA’s MUN club is led by a group of eleventh grade students, Youssef Chbarte, Antonio Eugeni, and Adam Bensouda. 

FIRST ® LEGO® League CHALLENGE is back for another season at GWA!

On February 5th, GWA's ASA Team Legends, Team Neophyte, and  Team Synapse competed in the annual FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge Morocco Regional Tournament. GWA has had students participating in FLL Morocco since its inception, more than 8 years ago resulting in 100+ alumni to the ASA FLL program.

2022 International Emerging Leaders Conference (IELC)

We are glad of GWA students' participation In the international Emerging leaders conference: Roaa Abuljadayel, Youssef Chbarte, Adam El Harouchi,Yassir Rabbaa. We hope that this fantastic experience will enrich their educational journey.

GWA International Festival 2022

The annual International Festival has become a signature and much-anticipated event of GWA. This year saw the 6th successful festival at the school campus last Saturday ( May 21st). In fact, our goal is to nurture Global Citizens while valuing Care, Respect, and Integrity in the heart of our students...

IB Visual Arts

As GWA expands the IB curriculum into our upper school arts department, Ms. Heyl and Mr. Morris have already put into practice the elements of the IB curriculum that distinguish it as a top-notch pedagogical practice world-wide.

Featured Article, Go Green with Love

This feature highlights the impressive impact of the Valentine's Day Bouskoura Forest clean-up, a service project coordinated and initiated by Ghita Mikou and Natasha Chugani, two of the first GWA students scheduled to graduate next school year, in the first cohort of GWA’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. 

Unsung Heroes of GWA's HR

A largely unsung hero of GWA’s success during these unprecedented times is the Human Resources Department. The role of the HR department continues to expand due to COVID-restrictions and regulations, now including COVID testing and vaccinations.

History of Morocco Class Publishes Website

Morocco is rich in some of the best-preserved living history that exists in the world today, but there is still plenty to discover from digging deeper into Morocco’s past.  Two GWA upper school students publish their discoveries online.

GWA Band Survives the Pandemic

Along with all of the standard COVID-19 prevention measures, the teacher and class that has had to take even more precautionary measures is band class and band teacher, Zachary Nenaber.  

Understanding 21st Century Skills:  Grit

As Online School moves forward for the time being, this provides a great opportunity for students, parents, and faculty all to work on building their grittiness as a tool for finding success now and well into the future.

Understanding 21st Century Skills:  Creativity

Flexibility and adaptability help to find comfort with ambiguity amid the rapid changes of 21st Century life.  Creativity takes people further, giving an advantage over others merely surviving in these times.

Understanding 21st Century Skills:  Comfort with Ambiguity

While Online School continues for the next few weeks, the Weekly will feature various elements of 21st Century pedagogy with examples from this online platform of operations. The best-fitted feature for this week of launching Online School is “Comfort with Ambiguity.”

GWA presents AIDA

GWA presents AIDA next week on March 11th, 12th, and 13th.  Every musical performance is the culmination of months and months of time, effort, and energy exploding on stage.  Read more about the experience the cast and crew of the spring musical have undergone in order to produce AIDA.

Both GWA FIRST® LEGO® League Teams Compete at Regionals

For those who think FIRST® LEGO® League is for students who like playing with LEGOs, it’s actually much more complex than that.  This article will summarize the challenges that all teams face during the tournament season and give you a short description of the Innovation Projects our GWA teams have created.

2nd Annual Newton's Arcade

Mrs. Martin’s, 8th-grade Physical Science students wowed the whole school community by throwing a very successful carnival-style event called Newton’s Arcade.

10th-Graders Prepare Their IB Application Portfolios

As the IB Application Portfolio deadline approaches, 10th-graders showcase their portfolio work through presentations, essays, videos, websites, and artistic creations that showcase their ability to exemplify IB character traits. 

Adopted School, Moulay Thami

Moulay Thami is a few kilometers away from GWA, but a world away in terms of opportunity and all the benefits that come with money and privilege.  This year, GWA’s lower school is committed to helping to bridge the gap by transforming this village school into a well-equipped and beautiful place to learn.

Think Like a Leader

This article focuses on the Design Thinking approach to solution innovation and strategic planning that the Emerging Leaders Program provided to four of our Juniors this year as well as many years of GWA alumnus.  

What is Play-based Learning?

It is a well-known saying that ‘play is the work of children’.  GWA’s Nursery and Discovery classes utilize a play-based learning curriculum model where play is combined with STEAM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) as well as language development and social and emotional intelligence development.

Fall in Love with the Makerspace

Do you remember the first time you fell in love?  It probably wasn’t with another person, it was probably with football, or drawing, or an instrument, or computer programing.  The Makerspace at GWA is a space for students to fall in love and find their passion.