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LS Athletic Facilities

In Lower School, students have multiple recess and play times built into their daily schedule. Pre-K students enjoy their own enclosed play area equipped with giant building blocks, ropes course play ground, and tricycle speedway. An indoor gym is equipped with a climbing wall, professional gymnastics equipment, and trampolines.  Connected to the full size track and field is a second playground accessible to all students.

US Athletics Facilities

Our Athletics Program provides an opportunity to both learn and excel in multiple sports through the school year and includes both team sports and individual sports. GWA has a full-sized track and field with sand pit, indoor and outdoor volleyball and basketball courts, a miniature football pitch, and a well-equipped upper school gym.  

MASAC Sports

At GWA we offer a wide range of athletics to meet the needs of students to be healthy in both body and mind, to learn and develop new skills, foster discipline, respect, and leadership and to be a part of our school community. GWA student-athletes compete over three seasons each year in the Maroc-American Schools Athletic Conference (MASAC) in badminton, boys/girls basketball, boys/girls soccer, boys/girls track and field, boys/girls volleyball, and swimming. 


After School Athletics

Athletics are a part of GWA’s enrichment program and an extension of the activities students learn and apply in classes. Our After-School Activities program provides an incredible array of athletic activities for students to participate in.  A few options include gymnastics, hip-hop dance, soccer, volleyball, and basketball. 


"GWA did not only equip my mind and build my character, but also developed my capabilities and taught me to take ownership of my actions both outside and inside campus."

Ahmet Amine Mohemmane, Class of 2020

Featured News

ASA Excelling in Robotics: GWA Hosting this Year's First Tech Challenge Event

After School Activities at GWA provides not only robotics activities but also the opportunity for teams to participate in regional, national and international competitions. On Saturday, April 8th, GWA hosted and participated in the First Tech Challenge, where 11 teams coming from different cities around Morocco joined the competition with a great deal of enthusiasm, motivation, and most essentially with the passion for coding. 

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