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Preparing for the Future

George Washington Academy prepares students for an increasingly multicultural, global workforce through a unique, multilingual educational program. Using research driven methodology, our students receive an immersive English education along side French and Arabic instruction. 


Our English immersion Discovery program develops oral English skills using constructive play, stories, crafts, and thematic units.  Certified, native-English speaking teachers lead instruction while multilingual assistant teachers ensure students' needs are met.

Pre-K & Kinder

Core classes, including Math, Science, Social Studies, and English are taught by certified, native English teachers. Native French teachers instruct literacy development, including oral language, letters, sounds, and writing for 90 minutes daily.

Grade 1

Students continue their development in core subjects with a certified, native English teacher. Their French literacy expands to 120 daily minutes of instruction, laying a strong foundation for reading and writing in French by the end of the year. Oral, classical Arabic is added twice-a-week.

Grade 2 - 5

Because students already have solid reading skills in French at the end of grade 1, the skills necessary for English reading transfer naturally. Students are on-level with American peers by the end of fourth grade. French and Arabic instruction continue. After grade 5, they are competent in three languages.

Middle School

Push-in and pull-out English instruction is provided to assist English language learners in the middle school.  English language teachers work closely with classroom teachers to align English support with required curriculum standards and the WIDA standards.  All students take one full credit equivalent of English, French, and Arabic language per year.

High School

GWA's IB Language options are loaded with 5 levels of French and 4 levels of English. Students will be able to choose a standard Arabic option while also taking the IB Diploma Program.  IB students have the option of graduating with an English and/or French IB Diploma. American diploma students are also required to take 5 credits of French and/or Arabic courses to graduate.

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