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The Weekly

GWA welcomes students back on campus starting January 18th.  No one knows what 2021 will hold for schools around the world and many families continue to worry that their children are falling behind. In light of these concerns, this issue of The Weekly highlights the importance of reading.  The featured News article focuses on how GWA tackles literacy in multiple languages in the lower school.  But first, here is a pop quiz question!: 

What do Charles Dickens, Albert Einstein, Bob Dylan, Walt Disney, and George Washington all have in common?  

Answer:  They were autodidactics.  

An autodidactic is someone who is self-taught in their specialization.  They had no formal schooling or tutoring to teach them; they taught themselves by reading, researching, experimenting, and creating.  For 2021, keep in mind that GWA has the strongest library program in the Kingdom of Morocco.  In addition to physical books that you can still check out online and pick up, there is a wealth of research material and online subscriptions available to GWA students and families.  Talk to our librarians and make reading a priority this year!

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Mustang Menu, Jan. 18 - 22, 2021


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