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On Saturday, April 6th, GWA students hosted the first edition of TEDxYouth@GWA. This year's theme, "UNBROKEN," explored and celebrated resilience—a powerful way through which change occurs in our world. The conference featured six speakers from fields ranging from music to business to social work. 

TEDx events are planned and coordinated independently. The content of each event is unique, although the organizers carefully follow TED guidelines and processes. TEDxYouth events are organized by and created for kids. Learn more about TEDxYouth here

GWA’s student organizing team began work on the conference over a year ago. They met regularly and collaborated with GWA faculty and staff to secure a TEDx license agreement and make the first event a success. Read below to hear from Lead Organizer, Younes Skalli.

Organizing the first edition of TEDxYouth@GWA was a great experience. In order to host a successful conference, we needed to make sure everything was thought through in advance. Prior to the event, we invited our speakers, helped them write their speeches, finalized their presentations, and made sure they were ready to go up on stage Saturday afternoon. Although, there were multiple setbacks like speakers dropping out at the last minute, we had to show great resilience and overcome the obstacles that came our way. 

Throughout the conference, we wanted to offer the attendees an opportunity to socialize with the speakers and with other audience members. But more importantly, we wanted them to leave with the motivation to remain resilient throughout their daily lives both personally and professionally. 

All in all, organizing the event was an opportunity for us to learn things we could never learn in a classroom setting. I hope this event becomes an annual event for the GWA community to come together to share ideas worth spreading. I wish the best of luck to next year's organizing team, it has been an incredible experience working by your side!

This event would not have happened without the following people: 

  • Dr. Menard, who helped us make this idea into a reality.
  • Ms. Bouchra, Ms. Rim, and Ms. Badiaa, who helped us with ticket sales and supported us throughout our endeavors.
  • Ms. Sofia Katirine who helped us order our materials and supported us along the entire journey. 
  • Ms. Gladding who helped us design our marketing materials. 
  • Mr. Brahim and the maintenance crew who helped us make the Multi Purpose Room look beautiful.
  • Shalini Chugani and Lina Said who had the initial idea for the conference. 
  • The GWA Parent Club for all of their financial support. 
  • Mr. Rachad for all of his help catering the conference. 
  • All the volunteers and staff (hosts, registration people, speaker curators, event organizers etc.) for really making this event happen.