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GWA Tech Club Visits 2M TV

On December 5th, 19 GWA Tech Club students and three chaperones (Mrs. Rachad, Mr. Zerzour, and Mr. El Mejdoub) had the honor of visiting the headquarters of 2M TV in Casablanca! The students were excited to explore the studios and to see how a professional TV station operates. Read below to hear from Mr. El Mejdoub about their field trip.

The students were excited to explore 2M’s facilities and to gain first-hand experience of what it means to work in a professional studio. Mr. Hakim, our 2M SME and tour guide for this occasion, helped us achieve this goal. 

First, he  took us to one of the main studios and gave us a general introduction about 2M’s history. Then, he taught us about the different types and sizes of the studios that are used for each show, the process of preparing those studios for broadcast, and the equipment involved and staff responsible for that. He also gave us some valuable tips about the use of light projectors on set and answered tons of our questions.

Next, we managed to convince Mr. Hakim to let us visit the set of “Sabahiyat 2M,” one of the most famous morning talk shows in Morocco. He gave us a tour of the studio, explained how the decoration was set up, where cameras were located and why, and how presenters interact with different-angled cameras and light projectors. He also gave us on-set video and photography tips that worked for the type of light projectors used in that studio.

Mr. Hakim then gave our students the experience of a lifetime when he allowed them access into one of 2M’s editing studios. Here, they became producers, production assistants, sound engineers, camera experts, and news reporters. They got a behind the scenes experience of TV production, and they loved it.

Overall, this was a very successful field trip with plenty of on-the-job experience for the students.