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Charity Bake Sale

On November 1st, a group of 5th grade students held a bake sale to raise money for charity. The girls came up with the idea for the bake sale all on their own, and worked with the GWA administration to create a successful fundraiser. 

It all started with the desire to help others. The students brought their idea for a bake sale to the Lower School Principal, Vice Principal, and Counselor, all of whom were impressed by the 5th graders’ initiative.

Ms. Cumbers, GWA’s Lower School Counselor, asked the students to write up a proposal for their event: what they wanted to achieve and how they planned to accomplish it. The girls submitted their plan, and Ms. Cumbers helped them select the date for the bake sale and find a teacher to supervise it. 

The next step for the students was to ask their parents for permission and for their help. In preparation for the fundraiser, the girls and their parents baked some of the items themselves and purchased the rest. 

The bake sale took place after school on November 1st. The girls had a goal in mind: they wanted to raise 1,000 MAD for charity. They exceeded their goal, raising 1,040.5 MAD! 

All of the students said they were shocked at how much money they raised. They were so excited when they realized they had met their goal! In the end, they agreed that the best part of the whole event was giving the money to people in need. The girls have plans to organize another bake sale in the future.

Ms. Cumbers is grateful for all their hard work and their demonstration of good character. Our November character trait is respect, and this group of students has demonstrated respect for other communities through their desire to help others, respect for the rules by bringing their idea to the principal and obtaining permission, and respect for each other by working so well as a team. What a great example of respect!