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A Wave of Color and Calm

GWA’s Lower School P.E. Teacher Ami Wright has added a wave of color to her classroom. 

When Ms. Wright arrived at GWA this past August, she felt a responsibility to brighten up the Lower School gym and make the space her own. The long, white back wall looked like the perfect spot for a mural. 

Ms. Wright has painted murals in the past, so she felt confident in her decision to create one in her classroom. Nevertheless, she’s very grateful for the trust that GWA leadership placed in her to design and paint the mural herself. The leadership team trusted Ms. Wright to be responsible with the paint and with her design, and that trust proved well-deserved. 

Ms. Wright chose to paint a wave on the back wall of her classroom. She wanted to create something that would appeal visually to her students, without overstimulating them, and she finds both the ocean and the color blue to have a calming effect. Personally, Ms. Wright loves surfing and spending time near the ocean. She also felt that GWA’s location so near the coast made a wave mural appropriate.  

During the busy New Staff Orientation following her arrival in Casablanca, Ms. Wright used her free time very responsibly. She bought the paint for her mural at a store in Casablanca one evening and used her classroom work time to draw and paint her wave. It took her a full day to draw the initial design and another three days to paint it. 

Her efforts paid off on the first day of school! Returning students familiar with the Lower School gym were so excited to see the wave. They were even more enthusiastic once they realized that Ms. Wright had painted it herself.

All of her students love the mural, but they have to be careful not to touch it! Ms. Wright said that she works on the concepts of personal space and being in control of your body with her students, which is something everyone can practice with respect to the wave. Accidentally hitting it or scraping against the wall could chip the paint. All of her students make an individual effort not to touch the mural, and as a class, they demonstrate collective responsibility by protecting it and keeping it looking nice. 

Ms. Wright personifies our October character trait: Responsibility. All of us at GWA are grateful for her efforts and the beautiful work of art she has created for her students.