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Parent Club

The PARENT CLUB (PC) is a new initiative from the GWA administration and community.

The PC Board and the Committees are elected to work in partnership with parents, teachers, administration, student clubs, and the GWA community to improve communication and initiate a closer collaboration between parents and the school. Always keeping the vision of GWA, “equipping minds and building character,” at the heart of what we do.

The PC Board Members and Committee Chairs THANK YOU for your trust and welcome your support and ideas for the 2018/2019 agenda and upcoming projects.

PC Board Members

brigitta pakot pc vice president

Mrs. Brigitta PAKOT
PC President

Even though our Hungarian/German family has happily lived in Casablanca for two years now, I’m a relatively new member of the GWA community. I am the proud mother of twin boys, Alex and Mark, both in K5.

I was able to join the Room Parent initiative last year and really enjoyed being in touch with teachers, parents, and our children in the classroom environment. I also went through the “new parent” experience at GWA, and even though the GWA administration welcomed us with open arms, I still had so many questions and concerns about everyday experiences. So, I decided, and with your votes, was able to join the Parent Club this year.  

heidi balu pc president

Mrs. Heida BALU
PC Vice President

I’m a musician, a music therapist, and the mother of two girls: Indira in 1st grade and Selma in nursery. My family has lived here in Casablanca for almost four years, and we have loved the experience. 

GWA has been an amazing experience for our girls and for us as parents. Since I grew up in Iceland, I naturally compare the school system there to those in other countries. I see some things here that I would like to see in the Icelandic school system, and on the other hand, there are some changes that I would like to see at GWA. 

Last year, I was a Room Parent in Indira’s class, and I got the chance to spend quite a lot of time with the kids while organizing International Day. After that experience, with motivation from other parents, I decided to accept the position of Parent Club Vice President. I find it important to take part in any way I can so that the GWA team and fellow parents communicate in a positive and constructive way. To that end, we’ll have a joyful ambiance between parents and GWA, which is beneficial for our children.

My philosophy is: There are always solutions, we just have to work together with a positive mindset. The first thing to do is to ask questions and try to understand before judging.

I’m looking forward to working with all parents, and especially with the Parent Club team, as we are quite complimentary.

wafaa el ouardi boudess pc general secretary

PC General Secretary

I am 40 years old, and I am a chemical engineer and entrepreneur. I was born in Casablanca, but I consider myself a daughter of the world. I am the mother of two great boys, Hadi (2nd grade) and Joud (K5). I am passionate about reading, traveling, sports, and nature.

My international experience started with an engineering degree from Germany and continued with professional experiences in Germany, the Maghreb, and the Middle East. Living in different countries helped me to have strong Moroccan roots as well as an open heart for foreign cultures.

After a great experience during my two years as a Room Parent with K5 & 1st grade classes at GWA, I decided to join the new Parent Club, devoted to giving parents and children a better understanding of the GWA community and to help create a solid bridge between parents, students, and the school in educational and social topics, all with the perspective of an optimistic future for our children.

Chair of the Charity and Community Service Committee  charitypc@gwa.ac.ma

As the mom of a 1st grade student, I have been a parent at GWA for four years, and I now have the chance to join the parent committee to serve the school.

The treasurer position matches my knowledge exactly; keeping financial accounts and working closely with other members of the Management Committee. I believe that my knowledge and experience can bring added value to the Parent Club in order to reach students, parents, and the school objectives and well-being.

PC Committee Chairs

terri david chair of education committee

Mrs. Terri DAVID
Chair of the Education Committee

I am excited about working with parents, teachers, and the Parent  Club to support GWA staff and parents. I look forward to putting my experience in parent organizations in the U.S. to work here in Morocco. My history as a parent includes collaborating with other parents, teachers, and administrators to serve the school in a capacity that improves the educational experience for our children. 

As an educator, parent, and lifelong learner, I think leading the educational committee is a perfect fit for me. I will be looking for ways to grow as a parent and how to support teachers and students by creating learning opportunities for us all. It really does take a village to equip our children with character and inspire them to be global citizens and lifelong learners. 

karla salvatore caveness chair of the room parent committee

Chair of the Room Parent Committee

I have lived in Casablanca for the past two years with my husband and now eight-year-old son. Prior to moving to Casablanca we lived in the United States, Belgium, Peru, and El Salvador. In my free time, I love spending time outdoors, traveling, cooking, and hosting family and friends.

I am happy to be a part of the Parent Club and the chair of the Room Parent Committee, an initiative that is now in its 3rd year. What started as a small group of parents helping out Pre-K and Kindergarten classes has grown into an organized committee that is represented across all Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade classrooms. 

Simply defined, a Room Parent serves as a parent leader in the classroom and meets regularly with teachers to facilitate meaningful parent involvement in the classroom and at the school. Room Parents are assigned to their child’s classroom where they plan helpful, educational, and fun activities for the students. They share ideas with teachers, organize activities and events, and listen to the ideas and needs of the Room Parent Committee!

meryem bouayadi chair of the cultural committee

Mrs. Meryem BOUAYADI
Chair of the Cultural Committee

I am the mother of two children, Soraya El Mokadem (4th grade) & Mohamed Amir El Mokadem (1st grade). I have three years of experience in "Better Together," and I decided to become a candidate for the new Parent Club and was happy to see that many parents trusted me to lead the Cultural Committee this year.

brigitta pakot chair of the hospitality committee

Mrs. Brigitta PAKOT
Chair of the Hospitality Committee

I am not only an officer in the Parent Club, but am also an active member leading the Hospitality Committee to help new parents get to know the great programs and honest dedication that GWA educators have available for our children and us, as parents.

My international experiences include studying in England, receiving a hospitality degree from Switzerland and a bachelor’s degree from the USA, followed by the experience of living and working in four other countries so far. I believe getting to know new places, people, and different cultures has helped me to be a better person, which I hope will help me to serve as a useful liaison between parents and the GWA administration to create a memorable year for our children.

Looking forward to meeting and working with you all!