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Parent Teacher Organization

GWA PTO Makes the difference!

The PTO services the school, students, families & community in many ways.  The GWA PTO strives to communicate effectively with parents during the school year in order to keep our connections to the school strong. The PTO offers various volunteer opportunities that align with the mission of our organization & the school. We need parents & teachers, who volunteer time and skills to carry out different projects, fun activities & events that we hold each school year for the students. Volunteering with the PTO is a wonderful way to connect to teachers, administrators & other parents in our school, learn about important events, and benefit your children academically & socially! 

Our Mission:

  • To develop closer connections with the school by encouraging the involvement of parents.

  • To enhance the educational experience by organizing academic and enrichment activities.

  • To improve the environment at the school by providing volunteer support for special events & projects.

  • To give back to the community by organizing charity events & projects.

  • To have FUN!

How to volunteer:

  • Volunteer using Sign-Up form sent by email.

  • Send an email to



Volunteering Opportunities and Events:

Discover PTO Events:

How to Get involved:

Reach out to to get involved.

We have more than 25 nationalities in GWA, no matter what language YOU speak, we will LISTEN to you!

  How to get connected: