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2022 International Emerging Leaders Conference (IELC)

2022 International Emerging Leaders Conference (IELC)
George Washignton Academy

 GWA has been invited to participate in the International Emerging leaders conference hosted by the Collegiate School in Richmond Virginia.

Driven by the focus on cross-cultural communication and global awareness, the International Emerging Leaders Conference aims to not only foster global collaboration among students from around the world and teach them the product design process, but it also seeks to acquaint these bright young minds with a lifelong skill set that is valued by social entrepreneurs worldwide - how to consider a problem, work as a team to devise a solution, and take that solution from the idea stage to the marketplace.

During the conference, high school students representing different schools from around the world collaborate in small groups on projects that teach them the foundations of environmental entrepreneurship. Using Stanford University’s Design Thinking Process, cross-cultural teams share their perspectives on an environmental challenge their nation faces, then partner in diverse groups to design innovative products to help solve those problems.

We are glad of GWA students' participation In the international Emerging leaders conference: Roaa Abuljadayel, Youssef Chbarte, Adam El Harouchi,Yassir Rabbaa. We hope that this fantastic experience will enrich their educational journey.

A big thank you to Mrs. Mouna Merzak and Mrs. Amina Erreda for their dedication and commitment to making this experience fruitful and enjoyable.