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Welcome Home, Mustangs!

No matter where life takes you or what paths you choose to follow, you will always be a Mustang – and at George Washington Academy, our alumni are our herd. The Mustang spirit, symbolizing freedom, strength, and perseverance, runs deep in our community, weaving through the heart of every student, teacher, and staff member at GWA.

Our alumni, spread across the globe, carry the essence of what it means to be a GWA Mustang, embodying our values and spirit in every endeavor. They are a testament to our vibrant community's resilience, agility, and unyielding drive for excellence.

As Mustangs, you are part of an ever-growing, dynamic family that cherishes its members' achievements and supports one another in every step of the journey. Remember, once a Mustang, always a Mustang – part of a proud and spirited herd that knows no bounds.

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At GWA, we are  always thrilled to hear about the wonderful journeys our alumni embark on. Whether you've landed a new job, celebrated a graduation, moved cities, expressed yourself through art, said "I do," welcomed a new addition to your family, or mastered a new skill, your stories are a source of inspiration to us all.

Please fill the form below to share your updates and photos with us. We're eager to feature your stories in the Website  Alumni Section. Your adventures and achievements not only enrich our community but also motivate and connect us all.

Looking forward to hearing about the exciting new chapters in your lives!

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Alumni Benefits & Services

At George Washington Academy, our commitment to our alumni extends far beyond graduation day. We understand the importance of maintaining strong connections with our graduates and providing ongoing support as they navigate their post-secondary paths. As part of the GWA Alumni Network, you gain access to a range of exclusive services and benefits designed to support your personal and professional growth.

1.Alumni Events and Reunions: Reconnect with former classmates, reminisce about your time at GWA, and celebrate your achievements at alumni events and reunions held throughout the year. Share stories, exchange experiences, and strengthen your bonds with the GWA community.

2.Volunteer and Mentorship Opportunities: Give back to your GWA community and make a difference in the lives of current students by volunteering your time, expertise, and resources. Mentor students, participate in alumni-led initiatives, and contribute to the continued success and growth of GWA.

3.Transcript Request: Email, please include your year of graduation and instructions where you need the transcript to be sent or picked up. 

I attended GWA from K5 to Grade 12 and had the chance to grow up amongst peers of widely diverse cultural, racial, and religious backgrounds. This taught me the importance of respecting differences, being open-minded, and understanding divergent opinions. Today, in hindsight, I am extremely thankful for this early experience, as it has allowed me over the years to better synergize during research collaborations and scientific debates. I can proudly say that in its first 25 years, GWA has forged a community of thinkers and explorers. I am excited to see what the next 25 years will bring.

Yacine Benkirane/ GWA Alumni