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GWA Vision Statement

GWA inspires students to become
multilingual, lifelong learners who pursue excellence,
model integrity, and honor cultural diversity.
We educate the whole person by
equipping minds and building character,
empowering students to
serve Morocco and the global community
with wisdom and compassion.

GWA Core Values

We believe that character traits such as integrity, empathy, respect, confidence, inclusivity, and open-mindedness are foundational to developing positive, contributing citizens who serve Morocco and the world.  Without character, an education is of little value.

We believe that a diverse, rich, and inclusive community makes every child and adult feel they can contribute, belong and add value to our community.

We live our core values by promoting a community of mutual understanding, belonging and respect, fostering service and outreach within our local community, Morocco, and the world.

As members of our community, we strive to be our better selves by frequently examining our achievements, challenges, and interactions.  We reflect on these challenges as learning and growth opportunities.

We believe that multilingualism best equips us to study and work in a global environment.  We recognize that there are many ways to communicate mindfully with others.


We provide a quality education based upon rigorous international and American standards and pedagogy which provide balance, breadth and depth to our program.  We remain current in the field of education, providing our students with teaching and learning approaches recommended by educational research and top contributors to the field.

 We strive as a learning community to interact ethically with information so that we better understand, analyze, and assess the society in which we live.  Through inquiry, research and our own curiosity, we seek information and answers, discover new questions to facilitate our learning throughout our lifetimes.

We believe that the ability to examine complex problems and find creative solutions is fundamental to thriving in an ever changing world. We leverage the resources of our community to effectively address local and global challenges.