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Preparing for the Future

George Washington Academy is celebrating its 25th Anniversary during the academic year 2023-2024. Since its founding, GWA is an American school that has served the metropolitan area of Casablanca, Morocco with a preschool through 12th Grade education grounded solidly in 21st Century American pedagogy and built around a multilingual program.

Welcome from the Head of School

Head of School Dr.Wendy Rubin welcomes families and introduce them to the GWA curriculum.

About Us

An education approached through sustainability and design thinking is — at its core — an approach toward future planning.  Our systems of education apply these same principles to students' personal development as well as academic development.   

Meet Our Faculty

GWA's teacher community is a driven by individuals who have a passion for challenge and experience.  Our faculty value dynamism, adventure, lifelong learning, multilingualism, and personal and professional growth. 


GWA is a foreign non-profit association registered in Morocco under number 1653 in Casablanca governed by a self-perpetuating School Board whose eligibility and elections are governed by the statutes of GWA. The School Board seeks to involve parents and local experts in the governance.


George Washington Academy Association has been at work bridging cultures and creating opportunities through education since 1994.