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School Profile


Our student body counts more than 880 learners, from Nursery to 12th grade. We have 40 nationalities on campus – the overall student body is 60% Moroccan, 20% American and 20% other nationalities. (See list of student nationalities and pie chart)

In grades PK-8, students take required coursework in English, French and Arabic. The High School requires four credits of English and four credits of French or Arabic to prepare students, through language study and other rigorous coursework (including honors and Advanced Placement) for admission into post-secondary education in the United States and other countries.


GWA has just over 200 staff, mainly Americans and Moroccans and including staff from 10 other countries. A majority of our administrative and instructional staff are from North America. Our teachers conduct instruction solely in their native tongue. Teachers are professionally qualified and the vast majority of our instructional staff come with significant previous classroom experience. The academic administration includes a Head of School who oversees all academic functions of the school as well as two Principals.

Our Lower School Principal leads:
-The Pre-school program: Nursery through Pre-Kinder
-The Elementary School program: Kinder through 5th grade

Our Upper School Principal leads:
-The Middle School program: 6th through 8th grade
-The High School program: 9th through 12th grade

Over twenty faculty members directly assist students in roles such as: Guidance Counselor, Library staff, Learning Specialist and Teacher’s Aide.

George Washington Academy participates in opportunities for professional development as a member of the Mediterranean Association of International Schools (MAIS).

High School

The GWA High School program provides a varied and challenging curriculum designed to meet the needs of a diverse learning community. Our core academic program includes a wide array of Advanced Placement (AP), pre-AP and Cambridge AS- Level courses. Classes in English, French and Arabic support our commitment to producing trilingual graduates. And as part of our effort to provide a well-rounded, American-style education, we offer numerous electives in the areas of visual and performing arts, computer technology, social sciences, and physical education. English is the predominant language of instruction.

During their high school career, the Class of 2017 will have completed a minimum of 27 credit hours. We follow a semester schedule, and 150 hours of instructional time constitutes one credit hour. Students enroll in 7.0 credits each year.

Graduates attend colleges and universities worldwide. Accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, our program and the resulting American diploma prepare our students for entry into some of the world’s most prestigious institutes of higher learning.

Advanced Placement

Students seeking more rigor may choose Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Currently we offer English Literature and Composition, English Language and Composition, Biology, Calculus AB, Statistics, Chemistry, French Language and Culture, Comparative Government, Computer Science A, World History, Macroeconomics, and Psychology. Some courses are offered in alternate years. Students can also take Cambridge International French Literature (AS).

Capstone Research Project

All students complete an in-depth capstone research project during their senior year. Coursework includes instruction in conducting research, analyzing statistics, academic writing and source documentation. Under the guidance of an advisor, students produce and present a final paper on a topic of their choosing.


End of year grades incorporate four quarter grades, a midterm and a final exam. The cumulative grade point average is calculated by averaging the point values on a 4.0 scale earned for all GWA courses taken in grades 9-12. AP courses earn an additional grade point for grades above “C”. Transfer credits are not included in the cumulative GPA.

Community Involvement and Athletics

Several student leadership programs, including Model United Nations (MUN), and service organizations such as Rotary Interact and Operation Smile are available. We also offer a full-year athletic program with interscholastic competition within Morocco and internationally. Current sports include track and field, volleyball, basketball, soccer, swimming and badminton. Students are also expected to be contributing members of their larger community by completing at least 35 hours of personal activity and service each year.


Our teaching staff is diverse. Most academic core subject area teachers are native English speakers and hail from the USA and Commonwealth countries. French and Arabic courses are taught by native Moroccan and French teachers. All teachers hold professional certificates from their home country. The student-teacher ratio is 10:1.

GWA Graduate Profile

GWA graduates will be…

Global citizens. They will contribute to the world as citizens who interact respectfully and productively with their community, the environment, different cultures, and beliefs in a compassionate way.

Academically prepared. They will be equipped to academically succeed in university because of GWA’s comprehensive curriculum and excellent instruction, opening doors to pursue their chosen career.

Critical thinkers and collaborative problem solvers. They will identify problems, generate novel solutions, collaborate well with others, and contribute to the completion of tasks through effective application of resources.

Effective communicators. They will clearly express ideas and information confidently and creatively in multiple languages through different modes of communication.

Committed to a healthy lifestyle. They will demonstrate the self discipline to pursue physical, emotional, moral, and spiritual health as a lifelong commitment.

Lifelong learners. They will be inquisitive, self reflective people who take initiative to passionately pursue their life interests and seek new learning opportunities.

GWA Distinctives: What’s Unique About Us

  • GWA offers a quality American PK-12 curriculum High School program which includes Advanced Placement (AP) courses, a standard for academic excellence in the United States Solid French and Arabic programs.
  • Early English Immersion Language Resource Teachers at every grade level.
  • Commitment to a well rounded, quality education in all core subjects including drama, music, art and physical education.
  • Small class sizes ranging from 8-20 in until 3rd grade and up to 24 per class onward through High School.
  • A wide variety of enriching classroom and extracurricular activities.
  • Opportunities for involvement in the major competitive sports.
  • Appropriate interventions to meet individual and group needs.
  • After school clubs and activities.
  • Current technological and instructional strategies implemented across grade levels.
  • Affordable tuition costs relative to the regional American and International schools.
  • Parent participation encouraged in all school activities.
  • Hiring instructional staff who are native speakers of their languages of instruction.
  • Studying and celebrating the history, geography and culture of both Morocco and the United States.
  • A commitment to traditional Moroccan and American values such as respect, compassion, integrity, excellence, wisdom and faith.
  • A new and well equipped school campus, basketball courts, volleyball, full size track and beautiful football field.

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