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Our Campus


Our five-hectare, purpose-built facility is located on the southern edge of Casablanca’s city limits heading toward Dar Bouazza. The Library-Media-Technology Center (LMTC) welcomes visitors as the anchor building of the school, housing administrative offices on the ground floor; a technology floor above with computer labs, a MakerSpace, and a Robotics lab; and a top floor comprising the largest children’s library in Morocco. The Lower School building houses grades K-5, while the Upper School building houses grades 6-12, with Nursery and Discovery programs in early learning spaces of multiple-use buildings. A large Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) provides space for food service, indoor athletics, and performing arts. Outdoor athletics and physical education classes take place on a full-length grass soccer field and track and on a smaller turf field, with both facilities lit for activity during the day or night. The campus, situated a little over one kilometer from the Atlantic Ocean below, features beautiful views of the ocean and stunning sunsets over the water.