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Philosophy of Education

What we believe Education is all about

These core beliefs about Education were created during a workshop in partnership with Staff, Teachers, Students and Parents. They represent what we believe Education is and should be. They are our standard, our philosophy and our goals.

Education enhances life:

  • beginning in the home
  • uncovering personal interests and strengths
  • developing talents, abilities and skills
  • unveiling viable and interesting career opportunities
  • allowing students to reach their full potential

Education equips the mind:

  • memory and understanding
  • cultural literacy
  • applied knowledge
  • higher order thinking skills
  • curiosity, imagination & creativity

Education builds character:

  • compassion
  • integrity
  • excellence
  • perseverance
  • personal responsibility
  • initiative, enterprise & leadership
  • wisdom & faith

Education encourages students to become lifelong learners:

  • to seek truth
  • to enjoy reading
  • to learn other languages
  • to discover the natural order
  • to develop an understanding of history
  • to develop personal fitness
  • to develop practical life skills
  • to love learning

Education creates community:

  • recognizing that all children can learn with the help of parents, teachers and peers
  • recognizing that each person’s capacities are meant to complement and complete those of others
  • cultivating a respect and understanding for people from diverse backgrounds, cultures and religions
  • instilling a sense of social justice
  • empowering students to serve their families, neighbors, communities and nations
  • encouraging responsible stewardship of the environment

Education incorporates an understanding of how students learn best:

  • enjoyable activities
  • engaging discovery
  • multiple intelligences
  • projects and themes
  • teamwork and cooperative learning
  • inspiring directed instruction
  • extra- and co-curricular activities including sports and the arts
  • opportunity for students to pursue their interests
  • having good role models