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GWA inspires students to become multilingual, lifelong learners who pursue excellence, model integrity, and honor cultural diversity.
We educate the whole person by equipping minds and building character, empowering students to serve Morocco and the global community with wisdom and compassion.

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First Day of School in GWA: How Did It Go?

This August, the start of the school year seemed more overwhelming than ever before. One could observe the mixed feelings of excitement, eagerness to start on new learning journeys, and joy among the students, parents, and staff at George Washington Academy...

GWA New Parents’ Orientation Day

With all students looking to make GWA home next year, we were thrilled to welcome the new members through an orientation day. Thus, it was a prime opportunity for our parents to learn more about GWA and learn how their interaction plays a huge role in linking school life and home life together in the continuous loop of our student's education and well-being.

New Hires Orientation :  Keeping new GWA members on board

GWA just welcomed its new faculty members. Of course, there isn’t any better way to welcome them but with our customary orientation program. This program – designed by the Human Resources department (HR) in collaboration with other departments throughout GWA – kept our new faculty members extremely busy during these last weeks...

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