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Why Choose GWA?

GWA Distinctives

What’s Unique About Us

  • GWA offers a quality American PK-12 curriculum
  • GWA is a an IB World School offering the Diploma Programme starting 2020-2021.
  • High school (AP) Advanced Placement courses, a standard for academic excellence in the United States
  • Solid French and Arabic programs
  • English Immersion Language Resource Teachers at every grade level
  • Commitment to a well rounded, quality education in all core subjects including drama, music, art and physical education
  • Small class sizes ranging from 8 - approximately 24 in the Lower School and Upper School
  • A wide variety of enriching classroom and extracurricular activities
  • Opportunities for involvement in the major competitive sports
  • Appropriate academic interventions to meet individual and group needs
  • After school clubs and activities
  • Current technological and instructional strategies implemented across grade levels
  • Parent participation encouraged in all school activities
  • Hiring instructional staff who are native speakers of their languages of instruction
  • Studying and celebrating the history, geography and culture of both Morocco and the United States
  • A commitment to traditional Moroccan and American values such as respect, compassion, integrity, excellence, wisdom and faith
  • A new and well equipped school campus, basketball courts, volleyball, full size track and regulation size soccer field

Advanced Placement AP vs IB

Parents face many difficult decisions when helping their children prepare for their future. Of course, all parents want the best for their children, but sometimes knowing what is best is not easy. Many parents wonder about the choice between the AP and the IB programs. Getting good information about the options is often the best place to begin when faced with a difficult decision. “As an example, consider a father named Harlan Hanson – during his career he served as both the Director of the AP program for the US College Board and later served in another role in which he was instrumental in advancing the IB Program in the United States. Hanson has four children and gave each of them the facts about the two programs and let them decide. Two of his children chose the IB and two of his children chose AP. In each case, Hanson said, they made the right decision.”

Both AP and IB classes are taught at the first-year university level in the United States, and are therefore eligible for college credit. For example, a student who takes AP “Calculus BC” and a student who takes IB “Mathematics HL” will both be eligible to skip Calculus I in university. Both programs are rigorous. They offer a true college experience in high school. Universities want to see that students are challenging themselves – both AP and IB allow for that kind of rigor. Universities know both the programs and know what the results mean.

History and Background

The International Baccalaureate was founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 1968. The program fit the need for a common pre-university curriculum and a common set of external examinations for students in schools throughout the world. As diplomats and business people relocated from country to country, IB created consistency among programs at the international schools their children attended. The Advanced Placement program was founded by the College Board in New York, USA in 1965. It was born out of a report by top high schools and Princeton, Harvard and Yale Universities that recommended that an advanced curriculum with external exams be created for high school students to earn university credit. IB was created to allow mobile students a common program – but the rigor of the program has qualified it for gaining university credit. AP was started to challenge high school students with advanced university course work – but the popularity of that approach means that there are American curriculum schools all around the world that teach AP courses therefore also allowing for mobility.

The IB Diploma Programme is designed to be an all-inclusive program; you are typically either in or out. All of an IB student’s classes are integrated and demanding. The AP program allows greater flexibility as it offers specific courses and exams on a course-by-course basis. Students can choose the areas in which they want to accelerate. If Math and Science are their specialties then they can choose to advance in those subjects. Similarly, if languages or Humanities are preferred, students can choose those realms. Students can advance in one or all of their courses.

For more information about AP, please check out www.collegeboard.com as well as an intro video put out by College Board: AP Course Overview.

George Washington Academy is an IB World School offering the Diploma Programme starting in 2020-2021. IB World Schools share a common philosophy - a commitment to high-quality, challenging, international education - that we believe is important for our students.

For further information about the IB and its programmes visit http://www.ibo.org.

Feel free to speak with us about which track would be the best program for your son or daughter. To learn more about IB, please check out http://www.ibo.org/benefits/benefits-for-students/ and this PDF regarding the Diploma program.

Learning and Growing at GWA

GWA provides a family environment where children are loved and valued:

The student to teacher ratio are as follows:

Grade Nursery - 24 (teacher student ratio 1:4)
Grade Discovery - 48 (teacher student ratio 1:8)
Grade PK4- 64 (teacher student ratio 1:8)
Grade K - 72 (teacher student ratio 1:9)
Grade 1 - 72 (teacher student ratio 1:9)
Grade 2 - 72 (teacher student ratio 1:9)
Grade 3 - 72 (teacher student ratio 1:18)
Grade 4 - 72 (teacher student ratio 1:20)
Grade 5 - 72 (teacher student ratio 1:20)
3rd grade to 12th grade: approximately 24 students

An English Homework Club is offered to children whose parents are not able to help with English classes.

Parents’ opinions are respected and sought through Parent Club, a unique Parent-Teacher Association.

Family programs such as parenting seminars, international festivals and talent shows offer regular opportunities to grow as a family.

GWA PRESENTATION from gwavideos on Vimeo.

At GWA, each child’s individuality is developed resulting in self-awareness and strong character:

Over 60 native English-speaking teachers work with students from 39 nationalities to nurture their unique talents.

Character themes are highlighted each month and students are rewarded for demonstrating traits such as self-control, generosity, kindness, respect, gratefulness, honesty and orderliness.

Children blossom in our classrooms where creativity, exploration, and experimentation is encouraged in a safe, nurturing learning environment.

GWA equips students to be young leaders by sponsoring them in the Model United Nations, US-based Leadership Conferences, and grade elections.

“Our young son has blossomed at GWA! His teachers encourage him to find his voice and be confident in his beliefs. This year, he won 5th Grade Class President! We give GWA all the credit.” … Abdel and Houda Zakaria, Managers at National and Multinational Corporations

GWA prepares youth for University success and a confident return to Morocco, self-assured and multilingual:

GWA’s multilingual program is unique because it begins at age 2 with English immersion, then adds the French and Arabic curriculum from age 4 through 18

GWA equips students to be successful and guides them to the university of their choice – both academically and socially – in USA, UK, Europe, ME, or Morocco…

“I highly recommend GWA and its approach to preparing youth for university abroad. My daughter is successful at University in Boston because of what she learned at GWA- working with all nationalities, backgrounds, religions, confident and expressing herself in English on all levels.” … Dr. Malika Keroumy Boulajouahel, Child Psychologist

Did you know … ?

GWA is fully accredited by Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA). http://www.msa-cess.org/ Other schools accredited by the MSA include: the American school in Rabat, the American school in Paris, the American school in London

  • GWA students earn the highly valued American High School diploma, which is accepted in universities worldwide. GWA graduates have pursued their studies in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and in Morocco.
  • GWA is included in the historic Moroccan-American Agreement on American Schools. Read Full article Here: Bilateral Agreement. Making it one of the five official American schools in Morocco and one of two officially recognized schools in Casablanca.
  • GWA’s American high school diploma has been granted equivalency with the Moroccan baccalaureate, thus allowing graduates to pursue higher education opportunities in Moroccan public and private universities and higher education institutions.

GWA is an IB World School. We offer the IB Diploma Programme beginning 2020-2021. 

  • GWA’s Advanced Placement program enables your student to earn and transfer University credits while still at GWA, saving college tuition and time.
  • GWA’s Graduating Class of 2016 was offered approximately $3M in University scholarships and financial aid.