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Re-enrollment 2020/21

If you have not received Dr. Menard’s re-enrollment email, including the re-enrollment form and calendar for the 2020-2021 school year, please click below to access the letter and form.  For each child you wish to re-enroll for next year, please print and complete the form (either English or French version) and return it to the GWA Finance Office with the required re-enrollment fee and advance payment by February 17, 2020.  The Finance Office must receive both the re-enrollment form and payments together. Do not leave re-enrollment materials at the front desk. Students will not be re-enrolled until the Finance Office has received both the re-enrollment form and payments.  Starting February 18, 2020, the Admissions staff will begin considering students from our pool of candidates for any spaces left by families that have not submitted both the form and the fees.

Si vous n’avez pas encore reçu le mail de Dr. Menard au sujet des réinscriptions, qui inclut le formulaire de réinscription et le calendrier de l’année scolaire 2020-2021, veuillez cliquer ci-dessous pour télécharger la lettre et le formulaire. Nous vous remercions d’imprimer et de compléter un formulaire (en anglais ou en français) par enfant que vous souhaitez réinscrire l’année prochaine, puis de le/les retourner au Bureau des Finances de GWA, accompagné(s) des frais de réinscription et d’avance sur scolarité correspondants, avant le 17 février 2020. Il est impératif que le Bureau des Finances reçoive simultanément le formulaire et le règlement. Ne remettez aucun document au comptoir d’accueil. Les élèves ne pourront être réinscrits avant que le Bureau des Finances ne reçoive, à la fois, le formulaire et les règlements. A partir du 18 février 2020, les places demeurées vacantes par les familles n’ayant pas renvoyé les dossiers de réinscription (formulaire et frais non remboursables applicables à la réinscription) commenceront à être prises en considération par notre équipe d’Admission pour de futurs candidats.


English Re-enrollment Form

First page of the PDF file: 2020-2021Re-EnrollmentForm_EnglishJanuary202020

French Re-enrollment Form

First page of the PDF file: 2020-2021Re-EnrollmentForm-French_
First page of the PDF file: 2020-2021CalendarFinal2


GWA News and Stories

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Understanding 21st Century Skills:  Creativity

Flexibility and adaptability help to find comfort with ambiguity amid the rapid changes of 21st Century life.  Creativity takes people further, giving an advantage over others merely surviving in these times.

Understanding 21st Century Skills:  Comfort with Ambiguity

While Online School continues for the next few weeks, the Weekly will feature various elements of 21st Century pedagogy with examples from this online platform of operations. The best-fitted feature for this week of launching Online School is “Comfort with Ambiguity.”

GWA presents AIDA

GWA presents AIDA next week on March 11th, 12th, and 13th.  Every musical performance is the culmination of months and months of time, effort, and energy exploding on stage.  Read more about the experience the cast and crew of the spring musical have undergone in order to produce AIDA.

Both GWA FIRST® LEGO® League Teams Compete at Regionals

For those who think FIRST® LEGO® League is for students who like playing with LEGOs, it’s actually much more complex than that.  This article will summarize the challenges that all teams face during the tournament season and give you a short description of the Innovation Projects our GWA teams have created.

2nd Annual Newton's Arcade

Mrs. Martin’s, 8th-grade Physical Science students wowed the whole school community by throwing a very successful carnival-style event called Newton’s Arcade.

10th-Graders Prepare Their IB Application Portfolios

As the IB Application Portfolio deadline approaches, 10th-graders showcase their portfolio work through presentations, essays, videos, websites, and artistic creations that showcase their ability to exemplify IB character traits. 

Adopted School, Moulay Thami

Moulay Thami is a few kilometers away from GWA, but a world away in terms of opportunity and all the benefits that come with money and privilege.  This year, GWA’s lower school is committed to helping to bridge the gap by transforming this village school into a well-equipped and beautiful place to learn.

Learn More