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English Preparatory Program

Learning how to learn in English

GWA’s Sheltered Instruction Program

Program Summary

The English Preparatory sheltered instruction program provides a specialized educational experience for new GWA students in grades 2 through 5 with limited or no prior exposure to English in the school environment. The program focuses on the instructional areas of communicative and academic language development, math and the language arts (reading and writing). Small-group instruction is geared for language learners and is grade-level appropriate. Students are gradually mainstreamed into regular grade-level classes as their language and English academic skills support this transition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an English Prep student’s daily experience?

A: Students are dually enrolled in English Prep and a homeroom class at their grade level. This means that students spend the majority of their English instruction time during the normal school day in the program’s sheltered language environment. During this time, they participate in language and academic development in English. In addition, they join their homeroom classes for special classes in English, such as Music, Computers, and P.E.. Students also regularly join their homeroom classes for instruction in French and Arabic, according to their language background.

This means that students enrolled in English Prep not only will have the opportunity to learn English at a healthy pace, they will also be afforded the opportunity to socialize with other peers outside of the program regularly during special class times, lunch, recess and on field trips and other special occasions.

Q: How long will my student remain in this program?

A: The primary goal of English Prep is to fully prepare students to be successful in a mainstream classroom with their peers. Generally, this means that each student could spend about one school year in the program. However, due to the individual nature of language and academics, there is no standard timeline for a student’s completion of the program. Among other factors, the amount of time in English Prep depends on the academic requirements of a student’s grade level and each student’s pace and motivation.

Student progress is monitored regularly by teacher observation, course performance and language and academic assessments administered throughout the year. All of these factors determine when a student begins and finishes their transition into a mainstream classroom. Decisions are finalized and billing can be changed on a quarterly basis in accordance with this transition.

Q: What does the admissions process look like for English Prep?

A: Submit an application. If applications are not complete, students will not be considered for testing.

Once the application has been reviewed, admissions will contact your family. If we believe your child might be a good fit for our school and the English Prep program, you will be given a testing date.

Testing is given in the student’s native language. After testing, the school will contact you with an admissions decision.

Q: When can a student enroll in English Prep?

A: In the best interest of language growth and academic development in a new school system, admission is generally determined for enrollment at the start of the school year in August. However, a student could be accepted at any time up to January, on a case-by-case basis, depending on language abilities, available space in the program, and available space at GWA in the grade for which the student is applying.

Q: Why is there an increased fee?

A: The English Prep program develops highly individualized learning plans to meet the specific needs of each student in a small group setting. It is operated by teachers who are native speakers of English and trained and experienced in both language and academic instruction. Enrollment into this program is limited to students who show an ability to meet the demands of a challenging transition to both a new language and academic environment.


Want to learn more? Contact the GWA Admissions Office for more info: admissions@gwa.ac.ma or call: 0522-95-30-34 or visit us on campus at Bd. Abdelhadi Boutaleb (ex 5.6 Km Route d’Azemmour) Casablanca.