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As a part of our admissions screening process we want to ensure your student is properly placed and set up to succeed at GWA. A team of teachers and specialists equipped with a variety of developmentally appropriate assessments are used to make this determination. In elementary, middle school and high school, the main areas that we measure include Arabic, English and French for placement purposes and a written Math Test. Some of the tests are administered orally while other parts are written.

No testing is required for Nursery. Promotion to Discovery and all other grades is dependent upon successful completion of the grade.


There are several Testing Days each year, usually spread out from February to June. Testing exception sessions can take place for children living overseas. Please get in touch with us for more information.

2019-20 Admissions Testing Dates Grades
Saturday, February 9th 1st - 12th grade
Wednesday, February 13th  Discovery - Kindergarten
Saturday, March 23rd 1st - 12th grade
Saturday, April 13th  1st - 12th grade
Wednesday, April 17th  Discovery - Kindergarten
Saturday, May 11th

1st - 12th grade

Friday, June 21st  Lower School (9 AM); Upper School (2 PM)
Monday, June 24th  Lower School (9 AM); Upper School (2 PM)
Monday, August 19th Lower School (1 PM); Upper School (1 PM); Discovery - Kindergarten (in the AM)

Entry tests are part of the admissions procedure for each candidate. However, we understand that it could be difficult for families living overseas to come to the GWA campus during the year to take our entry tests. For this reason, we consider several options to make this process easier for overseas applicants:

Option A

Organize a personal testing date at GWA. Please note that the school does not arrange testing during the summer between the end of June and mid-August.

Option B

The candidate sends GWA American standardized test results that have been approved by the admissions department, which have been taken within the past 4 months.

Option C

Especially for candidates in High School; the admission committee would consider, if we receive enough documentation and the principal has an interview on the phone with applicant, to make a provisional acceptance without testing. Final acceptance is determined once testing is administered at GWA.

Note for Preschool applicants

The Preschool academic documentation is generally not enough to determine acceptance. Children belonging to this age group have to be tested by our teaching team before any final decision is made.

Admissions Committee

Before a final decision is made, the admission committee reviews the application file and test results for final decision (a positive decision will not be made without a completed application file). Decisions are communicated by email to parents approximately two weeks after test taking.