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Fees for New and Returning Students

School Year 2017-2018

Fees are indicated in Moroccan Dirhams, and applicable to all nationalities, and are per student.


Grade Private Rate (non refundable)
Nursery 52 000
Discovery 63 800
Pre-K & Kinder 79 600
Elementary School 1 – 5 97 400
Middle School 6 – 8 112 400
High School 9 – 12 123 400


Non refundable

New Student

Testing Fee (one time)* 1 000
Entry Fee (one time) 30 000 (1st Child)
20 000 (2nd Child)
10 000 (3rd and subsequent children)
Registration Fee (annual) 1 000 1 000
Program Advancement Fee (annual) 4 000 4 000
PTA Fee (annual, per family) 200 200

* Nursery- Program advancement fee is waived, and the Application fee is a reduced to 500 dh.


Lunch Program

Grade levels
Pre-School & Kinder1st – 5th G
6th – 12th G

Amount (Annual)7 5007 7508 000

Bus Program Distance From School School Zone Fees (Annual)
1 – 10 KM Zone A 6 500
11 – 15 KM Zone B 8 350
16 – 20 KM Zone C 9 200
Outside of Casablanca Zone D Please see GWA administration

After School Activities


– Uniforms: The amount depends size and quantity ordered, see School Store for more information.

– School Supplies: An annual fee will be charged for school supplies for grades Discovery-12th grade. This will allow all students in a particular grade to use the same materials. These supplies are determined by teacher’s educational plans and range in price.

– Academic Class Fees: Some classes at the Upper School level require additional academic supplies. As an example: class fees for science labs. Parents will be advised of these fees.

Membership Payment Options:

1. Annual Payments: Parents receive a 3% discount on membership fees if the year is paid in full before June 30th, 2017.

2. Quarterly payments due: Q1: August 14-25, Q2: October 23-November 3, Q3: January 15-26, Q4: March 26-April 6. If the deadline is missed, students will not be allowed to attend class.

  • Payment by: cash/check/wire (Please note that a service fee of 200 dhs will be charged for all returned checks)
  • Family Discount (discount on the highest Membership): 5% for 2nd child, 10% for subsequent siblings.
  • Please note that during quarter 4 of the 2016-17 school year, you will be asked to pay a re-enrollment fee of 1,000 MAD as well as a membership fee advance of 8,000 MAD per student. Failure to pay by the deadline means enrollment can not be guaranteed for the following year. The latter fee is deducted from the following year’s first quarter. Please also note that both fees are non-refundable.
  • Enrollment Fees: are due in their entirety within the said deadline of the acceptance letter.
  • If late in payment (any payment after deadline) your child will not be allowed to attend class.
  • GWA does not offer scholarship, but financial aid can be applied for in exceptional circumstances after a year at GWA. Applications should be made by May 1st for the following school year.
  • Private rate fees may not be paid by company check. Company rates will apply.

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