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Admissions Policy

Thank you for your interest in George Washington Academy

GWA welcomes students from different backgrounds to maintain a diverse student body. Our admissions criteria are aligned with our mission and values that are revolved around academic excellence and character development. In this section, we outline our admissions procedures and to provide prospective families with clear guidance on the enrollment process.

How to Apply

Application Process

Prospective families can apply to our international school through our online portal, where they will fill out an online application form and submit electronic documents. Upon completing of this process and paying for the application fees, applicants will be invited to the school for an admission test.

Once you submit the online inquire form, it will be reviewed by the admissions team.Then, you can complete the application checklist and pay a non-refundable application fee.

After completing the documents checklist, the admissions team will assist you with the scheduling of the admissions test (Wida/MAP) and the interview for your child.

After reviewing the completed application, The admissions committee review the completed application and come up with the enrollment decision.




Once the Admission Committee  review the completed application, recommendations, and screening data. They determine whether to;

  1. Accept the student for enrollment, or
  2. Refer the student for further screening assessments, or
  3. Deny the request for enrollment

The admission process for us was easy and comfortable. High level of flexibility and consumer service allowed us to make the choice fast. The examination process for the kids was also very friendly and engaging which helped them join the program with almost no stress.Denis Dashkevich- GWA Parent