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The Arts

The goal of the visual arts program at GWA is three-fold:
  • to mature young people in appreciating aesthetics, art, and culture;
  • to gain a knowledge base on the history of creative ability and work;
  • and to develop students’ artistic expression.

These goals are reached by training in art history, art vocabulary and practicing art skills. Training in art history allows students to begin to see the breadth of creative expression across time and culture. Education in art vocabulary gives students the terminology to describe and critique art. Finally, students are given the time and supervision to practice making art. Specific skills such as perspective, compositional elements, landscape and anatomy are taught. The goals of the visual art program allow students to develop the skill of critique; both professor-led and student-led criticism is common at the High School level.

The goal of the arts and electives offered at GWA is to encourage all students to become involved, try new things, and expand their horizons. Students from the 6th grade and up will have the opportunity to choose from among several electives offered per term. Some elective classes are a full year commitment, some a semester and others change each quarter. Electives are offered based on student/teacher interest, availability of qualified instructors and availability of facilities. Students will be notified in advance of the commitment involved.

The following courses are among those that have been offered in the past and could possibly be offered each year:Journalism, Creative Writing, Band (Full Year), Choir, Drama, Art, Music Theory/Composition*, Music and/or Drama Appreciation**

*Music Theory/Composition is for students who have taken private music lessons or have been playing an instrument already.

**Students who have not chosen a performing art (choir, band, drama) may be required to take Music/Drama Appreciation.


Instructional Philosophy

The music department at George Washington Academy purposes to instill in students an appreciation for music, to give them the opportunities to be creative and imaginative, and to give them lifelong skills for further and continued enrichment. These skills include reading music, creating music, performing and analyzing performances. The Music department seeks to develop comprehension of music language in a wide variety of contexts, and provide outlets for experimentation with and creative organization of ideas. In addition, the Music Program at George Washington Academy strives to encourage and enhance student success across academic and extra-curricular disciplines. Music can enhance student learning in English, Science, and Mathematics. Music is a related discipline to mathematics in that it teaches and allows students to practice order as students learn, demonstrate, and create combinations of notes. With visual, aural, and kinesthetic involvement, the students are given the opportunity to apply skills that they have already learned in math classes or to learn skills that will aid them in future math classes. Also, students practice scientific principals as they study and demonstrate the vibrations of strings and the frequencies of notes. Music gives students an enjoyable way to practice reading and using English. Furthermore, the music department at George Washington Academy strives to develop strong logical and critical thinking skills in each of its students. The school recognizes the importance of providing students with a strong background in music, so that they are well-rounded students, academically and musically.