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Letter from the Principal

Greetings from the GWA Upper School Principal:  

The upper grades incorporate two different age ranges and, therefore, approaches to education.  Students aged 11-14 require a particular approach to learning and instruction that is commonly referred to as Middle Level Practice.  Students in the high school grades are preparing for university and assuming adult roles.  They require an equally specialized approach that meets their developmental needs.

Middle Level Practice requires that we select teachers that enjoy working with pre-adolescents and have dedicated their careers to teaching this age group.  The program is rigorous and is designed to meet the social, emotional, physical and academic needs of these students; who will undergo enormous metamorphoses in just a few years.  Our teachers develop within our students an inquiry approach to learning, develop citizenship and service mindsets, and provide them with the skills necessary to be proficient communicators in three languages. 

At the high school level, our students are able to explore their interests and accept greater challenge.  We provide Advanced Placement Coursework in world history, American history, biology, chemistry, statistics, calculus, physics, English literature and composition, and English language and composition.  We also offer honors courses in French and English.  Our students also benefit from visual art, drama, technology education, and physical and health education.  Our students are involved in many clubs and service projects.  Students also submit a personal project prior to graduation.

Additionally, we are undergoing International Baccalaureate review and hope to have program authorization this April.  This will enable us to begin providing the Diploma Program to students who will be juniors during the 2020-21 school year.

Please visit our campus to see our MakerSpace, robotics lab, and library.  Our setting is truly lovely and you will find the people on our campus, young and old, warm and welcoming.  We look forward to meeting you.

Best Regards,

Becky A.S. Read

Upper School Principal