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Preparing for the Future

George Washington Academy is an American School serving Pre-K - High School students from over 36 different countries. GWA's educational curriculum is rooted in the American Pedagogy, Best Practices and a commitment to English, French, and Arabic Multilingualism.  

 With a creative and engaging curriculum, the school empowers students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to serve Morocco and the global community with wisdom and compassion.


GWA's admissions team is happy to guide families, both local and abroad through our online admissions and testing process.  Our team will be happy to contact you after filling in your basic contact information. 

About Us

GWA inspires students to become multilingual, lifelong learners who pursue excellence, model integrity, and honor cultural diversity.


GWA prepares students for an increasingly multicultural, global workforce through a unique, multilingual educational program. Using research driven methodology, our students receive an immersive English education along side French and Arabic instruction. 

Student Care

At GWA, we support each student to grow, develop and engage in successful learning through meaningful relationships and learning experiences.

After School Activities

GWA gives students the opportunity to develop their 21st-Century skills and talents both in the classroom and after school.  Upper School students are given the opportunity to create clubs in any area they wish to explore and lower school students have an incredibly diverse range of activities to choose from.

Our Campus

Our campus offers cutting-edge facilities, a relaxing and nurturing environment to the students, and  features beautiful views of the ocean . As one of  the largest American schools in Morocco, our campus proposes different educational spaces helping students to learn and grow. 

What's Happening

By the Numbers


To date, over 5 Million USD in grants and scholarships has been awarded to GWA seniors.


of GWA graduates attend  universities in the USA, Canada, UK, and other European countries. 


GWA is a multilingual school providing an English-immersion education along side French and Arabic instruction. GWA students graduate with competency in 3 languages.  

Accreditations & Membership

George Washington Academy is accredited by the IB Programme
George Washington Academy is accredited by the The Middle States Association
George Washington Academy adapts Wida Assesment & Testing Model
George Washington Academy is an American school that has membership with the Mediterranean Association of International Schools